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Cahokia Capital Group, based in Southern California, is a private equity real estate corporation specializing in identifying and maximizing the equity of residential and commercial assets. Cahokia Capital Group and affiliates Gotham Properties International, Inc., Gotham Management Group, Inc., and Gotham Construction, Inc., provide fully integrated property services—investment, construction, development, and management—in both public and private markets.

Focusing on higher-end markets, Cahokia Capital Group has honed its skills at identifying and executing successful investment strategies, developing new properties, renovating existing buildings, and acquiring and managing stabilized assets.

With extensive experience in ground-up development, property repositioning, rehabilitation, and asset stabilization, the Cahokia Capital Group team has the in-house expertise essential to navigating today’s challenging terrain of real property markets. 

Cahokia Capital Group is well-versed in the complexities of the high-end property marketplace and has the proven ability to identify emerging opportunities, execute complex transactions requiring creative structuring and financing, shepherd development projects to stabilization, and manage operating properties to higher values.



Erik Coffin​ Founder and CEO

Erik Coffin​
Founder and CEO

forbes“I am very confident that the housing market, especially high-end, is going to continue to thrive and improve,” asserts Erik Coffin, chief executive of Cahokia Capital Group, a Los Angeles-based real estate firm that works with high-net worth clients on real estate investments. He says foreign buyers, particularly the Chinese, will continue to elevate Southern California’s markets this year thanks to the cache owning a mansion in posh neighborhoods like Beverly Hills or Malibu continues to represent.
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